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But it's highly highly unlikely they took his money to renew, didn't renew it, AND didn't tell him that it wasn't renewed. Came World War I (1914 1918) the club was dormant as 86 Swifts players volunteered for duty with 14 of these men never to return.

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And I there thinking, what does that mean? What that mean? Yeah. While you could potentially partially mitigate the issue with a ground lift circuit of some sort, it not really fixing the issue, and any investment you put into that specific fix might be wasted.

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Dude is gonna get a 10m+ contract one day, he just not there yet and overpaying him early wouldn help anyone.. It occurred to me since I not going to be working until halfway through 2018 that my income for 2018 should be about half of my yearly salary ($60000).

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Will be moving back home so I had to stop by my favourite record store in Hamilton, Ontario for one last haul. But the weakest point by far is the claim of innateness (and really, innateness is the aspect of all of this that I feel most confident disregarding out of hand absent objective proof to the contrary).

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