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As the old saying goes "Youth is wasted on the Young." The fact is , what we learn as a child is wasted on the adult. The saying is actually totally backwards. Youth is not wasted on the young, it is lost on adults. See whether we are seeking to strive in our career or in our business, what we learned as "determine" skills, we did not carry forward as an adult. Here is what I mean:

"Ever take a moment and observe an infant , trying to walk for the first time? They climb, they scratch and crawl to get to their knees and then their feet. One or two steps, BOOM, they fall. However , you never hear that baby say, this is way too hard. Forget it I will try another way to get around. NO, what do they do? They do it again. They do it again and again and again. Then what happens? They walk. The fact of the matter is this, when observing a child they will do this in every aspect of their life. Don't believe me? How about these examples:

- Riding a bike!
- Reading!
- Ever watch them try to get up a rock climbing wall at the park? Over and over again!

- Throw a ball!
- Get a cookie or candy they want!
- Ever have a child ask you a million questions to get the answer or item they want? YOU BET!

See children have not become jaded , nor have they let life get in their way of getting what they want. No excuses. A baby is not born, and at one month becomes a sprinter!! Although that would be cool and amazing, it simply starts with the determined crawl. The determined walk. The determined run. Then you simply cannot keep up with all their running and energy. The question I have for you is this: "Where is your determined crawl?" "Where is your determined walk?" "When did the persistence of your youth leave you?"

Amazing I have seen more people in their careers or business, simply give up , because they have fallen a few times. Brusied their elbow or their knees(which is truly their ego)! When you want a career, a real career, a management position, a director position , or an executive position. Are you willing to fall over and over again?

How about the number 1 hope of millions of Americans. The ability to work their career, have financial freedom and do it all from home. NO, I am not speaking about being an entrepreneur, that is not for everyone. However , 30%+ of all companies in the US are hiring Hourly or Salary Telecommute Employees!! That way job seekers, can have the career they want and the time they need.

If your career or job has stalled. You are no longer passionate about what you are doing, you can change all that and change all that today. There are 1000's upon 1000's of jobs that exist. Careers that exist from home. Jobs that provide you all that you need by paying you either hourly or salary. Management positions. Positions with benefits. Jobs with opportunities. REAL WORK FROM HOME JOBS EXIST!!! You no longer have to live the definition of insanity in balancing your work life with your home life. Trying each day to make time meet and ends meet.

There are tons of ways to go about finding these jobs. Some ways are easier than others. One resource I know of that is amazing is Get My Mom a Job. Here you will not spend 100's of hours sifting through what is real and what is fake in regards to jobs in the work at home industry. It is there. A database full of positions. All jobs will have an hourly or salary and 99% are telecommute. Get My Mom a Job is the REAL resource for the person seeking to have all they want. To work with a child like determination, and have the reward. Are you next? Are you the owner of a business? And you spend the majority of your time to ensure that your endeavor fares well and keeps bringing profits? Then you are probably aware of the fact that advertising is one the most important factors that determine the success of a business. It is immensely important for the fulfillment of your marketing objectives. Basically , it is the most effective communication tool that is used by both big and small businesses equally. There are a lot of ways of successful advertising.

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