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You are advised to rest your body from incriminating activities while still recovering from injury. Well while resting, it turns out there are some foods that you can consume to injury quickly healed. Not only that, some of the food choices below also help to improve your body stamina. Let's take a closer look!
A wide selection of healthy foods that help the injury heal quickly

Most people who are injured tend to reduce their intake of food, for fear that their weight will rise again because of "fasting" exercise. However, this is a wrong step of recovery. Reducing food intake will actually hamper the body to recover from injury.

Reported by Fitness Magazine, during the recovery period of body injury still requires energy and nutrients needed to repair damaged tissue or cell body. Here are four types of foods that you can consume in order to recover quickly.
1. High protein foods

Injuries make the injured body part becomes inactive. This causes a decrease in strength and muscle mass. Protein-rich foods, especially those containing amino acids, can minimize these negative effects by preventing inflammation from getting worse. Amino acids repair tissue and damaged cells in wounds. To that end, increasing the intake of foods rich in protein will speed the recovery process from injury.

You can choose your daily menu with red meat, fish and seafood, chicken, eggs, milk, dairy products (cheese and yogurt), or high-protein vegetable options. If you can not get enough protein from the whole food intake alone, consider consuming protein milk.
at this healthyguidesblog find selected plan to do diet and exercise for fat loss
However, the amount of protein you need varies greatly, depending on your age, gender, height, weight, activity level, and medical history. Athletes tend to need more protein than people who are not or are quite active.

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